Battle of Waterloo

Battle of Waterloo

torstai 25. huhtikuuta 2013

Finnish Jalkaväkikomppania - Karelia Summer Offencive, 1944

After a long pause from the blog, I've returned to showcase the numerous projects I've been working on for the past few years. First off my latest project, the proud and tough Finnish Jalkaväkikomppania!

These boys will stop any Soviet offense dead on its tracks, be it a Batalon of vicious Soviet infanty or a green sea of Tankovy steel. With the latest anti-tank equipment the division has to offer, these men are ready to defend their nation to the bitter end!

Finnish Jalkaväkikomppania, 1944 Karelia Summer Offensive

Company HQ w/ "Panssarikauhu" teams

Jalkaväki platoon #1

Jalkaväki platoon #2

HMG platoon

Mortar platoon

Pioneer platoon

Anti-tank platoon w/ "Panssarinyrkki" teams

Heavy anti-tank platoon w/PaK 40's

Heavy artillery battery w/15cm German Howitzers

Heavy mortar platoon

Jääkäri Scout platoon

Jalkaväkikomppania, 1780pts

7 kommenttia:

  1. Lovely army.

    I'm about to start painting my Mid War Fins in the next few days for a tournament I'm going to. How do you find the big artillery? Worth the points?


    1. Thanks Ben, still needs a few finishing touches!

      I'd say Heavy Artillery is one of the strengths of the Finns due to their national rules (multiple artillerys firing combined artillery strike, re-roll fourth range in)in LW.


      I'd only ever take it in LW infantry companies, as the 15cm heavy arty comes in at 270 pts for CV, whereas in MW its a far larger investment at 475 pts! Furthermore, multiple batteries in MW are not available.

      In MW, I'd probably go for the cheaper Heavy Mortar platoon (3+ FP still) and with the "saved points" go for the PaK 40's and Pioneers to sort out the AT work. For infantry companies, your strength lies in the common man with the rifle, play to that in my opinion, and dont forget the AT rifles in the HQ, they are still "decent" in MW! :)

    2. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

    3. The other strength in LW is the price being 40 points less than in German companies, it kinda evens out the 'mandatory' need of it. :) Had few barrages from the Jaakari komppania but still I think it's so and so, too many rolls...

    4. It really depends on the intended role it plays in synergy with the rest of your company. For example, the JV Company I played had 4 very strong infantry platoons, which need to be shot to bits in order to advance into objectives. That requires quite alot of rounds of shooting. Meanwhile, the heavy arty keeps on harassing the enemy, forcing them either to move (reducing the amount of direct fire shots onto target) or take a risk of being destroyed (reducing the amount of direct fire shots onto target, potentially).

      I might have had lucky rolls in the games, but the 15cm arty did most of the destroying in all games, including roughly 4 tank destroyers, 3 tanks, around 10 infantry teams, a few priests/similar and plentiful amount of halftracks/transport.

      The arty might be so an so as you said, but if you fine tune your arty in the following way, it could yield far results...

      I might go even further with the arty, and trade in the heavy mortars for 10.5 cm arty, and reduce the 15cm to only two guns. This way I can get the combined bombardment rule (+1 AT and FP to weaker battery) for AT 5 FP 3+ with either doublewide template OR re-rolls (Finnish arty rule) capability.

      Double wide template on top of any tank formations will start to add results. Ontop of that I can get more direct fire capability if need be (albeit being AT 10, FP 2+).

      All this for a total price tag of 350. Not bad.

    5. Not bad, really, only problem might come from the need of having the both arty batteries on table with half-on. Still, I think the Finns are the only Axis lists that can pull this off.

  2. I managed a solid 2nd place in our local tournament, the 1st place went (surprisingly) to a Finnish Jääkärikomppania! I had a Canadian infantry list with tank destroyers/tanks/mechanized infantry and some wasps / recce in the first game. Second opponent was a mechanized US force with large halftrack platoons, best shermans the US can get, some recce, small arty and tank destroyers. The last opponent was a full on 7th Armoured Us tank company, which got torn apart easily.

    Solid list which made the opponents feel slightly overwhelmed with the amount of stuff on the table. However, I really felt the disadvantage of lack of mobility (couldnt go out to grab objectives in FFA and Hasty Assault), and apart from the PaK 40's and heavy arty, I had little in the way of taking the punishment to the enemy long range. This is mainly due to the lack of solid options in the Finnish list in that sense (tanks are too expensive for my taste). I might have to try changing the recce to air support, for example...