Battle of Waterloo

Battle of Waterloo

perjantai 17. kesäkuuta 2016

40k Summer Campaign - Introduction


Introducing the campaign

With great exhuberance our local gaming club group has decided to kick off a casual Warhammer 40k summer campaign. The great thing is, that many of the old beards who have not touched the game in 10-15 years are coming back to the game that, for so many of us, was the gateway to miniature wargaming in general. 

Although with age our taste has matured and led us into more historical games, this great game with its ever changing and extensive lore draws many back time and time again. Furthermore, many of the younger players who are avid 40k players get to teach the old beards the ropes and show new takes and tactics to the game.

So whats this campaign about?

Tendrils of the Hive Fleet Kraken have found their way to the Eastern Fringe near the Farsight Enclaves borders in a faraway imperial sector. The sector itself holds many mysterious unconfirmed secrets, such as rumours of old eldar maiden planets, a forgotten dormant daemon world and human colonies once belonging to the tau empire from the long forgotten Damocles Crusade.

The main villains are the Tyranids whom most factions have decided to ally against, but as always in the 40k universe, many commanders have their own aggendas. Opportunity awaits for intriguing rewards...

Farsight Enclaves: Battlegroup ZULU 

After a 15 year break from 40k, I got pulled into it again reading the Farsight Enclaves fluff. I love the Art of War approach of O'Shova and his break away faction of rational warrior monks from the Tau Empire. Without further ado, the fluff and army itself is as follows...

HQ - Shas'O Y'he D'verl Aido <Commander O'Aido>

Commander "Slayer of the Great Devourers" Steelrain was but a young Shas'la in the last months of the Damocles Crusade less than a century ago and served in many battles in the same battlegroup led by the great O'Shova or Farsight as many have come to praise, hate and fear him. After Farsight's disappearanc,  O'Aido rose through the ranks to become a commander renowned for following Farsight's Mont'ka to the letter.

 Branded in many battles against the Tyranids and Imperial Guard, O'Aido has earned the title "Slayer of Tyranids" and "Steelrain" for his masterful use of Mont'ka tactics via Crisis Suit teams to execute precise strikes against critical enemy units in great volume. 

Now an old commander, O'Aido has been sent on his last campaign to lead a expeditionary battlegroup of veterans into Imperial space to help the Gue'la combat Hive Fleet Kraken's new tendrils in the area. The mission is ideal, since it gives O'Aido a chance to update his collection of alien battle tactics known as "Art of War" concering the Imperials and the new tendrils of Kraken. Who knows what new planets the Enclaves might add to their ranks after helping the Empire battle this new  threat. The truce between the Enclaves and Sub Sector 78 hold for now...

HQ - Aun'Yen <The Forseen>

Ethereal Aun'Yen the Forseen is a bizzare sight in the Enclaves, who have not seen his kind in many centuries, par from Aun'Shi. Since the Battle for Arthas Moloch and the demise of the Ethereal delegation, the Farsight Enclaves have not had Ethereal guidance for over a century. However, Aun'Shi an old friend of O'Shova has kept in touch and supported the enclaves, at the risk of being branded traitor himself. Now Aun'Shi has grown old and his time is slowly coming to an old warriors end. 

He has trained an apprentice to understand the universe and the way of the Tau much to his own ways - to question the way of the Tau and find justification to the Greater Good. As his last instruction and test of initiation, Aun'Shi commanded Aun'Yen to seek the Enclaves and gain their trust as he had through combat. Ultimately, Aun'Yen's mission is to gain a deeper understanding of the Enclaves and their Ethereal-free form of governance. Maybe one day Aun'Yen will usher a new age throughout the whole Tau Empire, where various forms of the Greater Good are accepted...

Troops - Firewarrior squads <ALPHA> <THETA> <O'MEGA>

The firewarrior squads have been specifically picked for their short experience combating elements of recent Hive Fleet forces. Supported by the new smart missile turret, these troops are ready to form the needed anvil to entice the enemy into the fray, waiting long enough for their older brothers to initiate Mont'ka with a hail of crisis suits. O'Aido has given Aun'Yen orders to lead these young warriors into combat, protect them and learn from them. This will teach the the young Ethereal the importance of taking care of ones subordinates, as well as gives him the chance of earning respect and acceptance.

Troops -  Crisis Suit team "Sun Forge" Configuration

These veterans bear the honorable duty of initiating the Mont'ka upon O'Aidos command. Delivering deadly fusion blasters into the field, these great warriors have exelled in destroying entire squadrons of tanks in various campaigns. Deep striking behind enemy lines means that these warrios are often found wanting for infantry support. To aid in deterring would be infantry assaulters, and clearing up the remaining tank passengers and personnell, O'Aido has ordered these warriors to use flamerthrowers in the Sun Forge configuration.

Fast Attack - Marker Drone squadron designation <001>

O'Aido has learned the value of focusing fire and destroying key elements in logical order. To support this way of war, he employes the use of marker drones to assure quick destruction of the enemy.

Fast Attack - Gun Drone Squadron designation  <002>

Gun drones give a much needed harrasment element to the battlegroup. In large, well coordinated groups these simple drones become furious pulse rain of destruction, cabable of clearing entire imperial guard squadrons and even tearing down rear platings of vehicles.

Heavy Support - Broadside Mon'at "Deathrain" Configuration

Mon'at Shas'Vre Zharro has just received his promotion to wear battle suits. His first task is to understand the important support role of the Broadside by himself, before being accepted into a team of veteran Broadsiders. After understanding this role, he might one day earn the right to wear a Crisis suit...

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