Battle of Waterloo

Battle of Waterloo

tiistai 30. heinäkuuta 2013

Waterloo Megabattle!

A few weeks back we managed to put together a massive game of the battle of Waterloo using the Black Powder rules. The amount of miniatures in this game was enourmous, and the feel of entire army corps moving about the battlefield fantastic! The Prussian I Corps under my command was to make a (hopefully) decisive attack on the right flank of the french main force, until then I was given charge of the Dutch on the left flank. The game was my first, and I was impressed by the easygoing nature of the rules and how well we managed to go on with the game despite having a ridiculous amount of units on the table - I'm definately looking forward to expanding my Prussian collection, and perhaps even go back to paint them a tad bit better this time!

torstai 25. huhtikuuta 2013

Finnish Jalkaväkikomppania - Karelia Summer Offencive, 1944

After a long pause from the blog, I've returned to showcase the numerous projects I've been working on for the past few years. First off my latest project, the proud and tough Finnish Jalkaväkikomppania!

These boys will stop any Soviet offense dead on its tracks, be it a Batalon of vicious Soviet infanty or a green sea of Tankovy steel. With the latest anti-tank equipment the division has to offer, these men are ready to defend their nation to the bitter end!

Finnish Jalkaväkikomppania, 1944 Karelia Summer Offensive

Company HQ w/ "Panssarikauhu" teams

Jalkaväki platoon #1

Jalkaväki platoon #2

HMG platoon

Mortar platoon

Pioneer platoon

Anti-tank platoon w/ "Panssarinyrkki" teams

Heavy anti-tank platoon w/PaK 40's

Heavy artillery battery w/15cm German Howitzers

Heavy mortar platoon

Jääkäri Scout platoon

Jalkaväkikomppania, 1780pts