Battle of Waterloo

Battle of Waterloo

perjantai 17. kesäkuuta 2016

40k Summer Campaign - Introduction


Introducing the campaign

With great exhuberance our local gaming club group has decided to kick off a casual Warhammer 40k summer campaign. The great thing is, that many of the old beards who have not touched the game in 10-15 years are coming back to the game that, for so many of us, was the gateway to miniature wargaming in general. 

Although with age our taste has matured and led us into more historical games, this great game with its ever changing and extensive lore draws many back time and time again. Furthermore, many of the younger players who are avid 40k players get to teach the old beards the ropes and show new takes and tactics to the game.

So whats this campaign about?

Tendrils of the Hive Fleet Kraken have found their way to the Eastern Fringe near the Farsight Enclaves borders in a faraway imperial sector. The sector itself holds many mysterious unconfirmed secrets, such as rumours of old eldar maiden planets, a forgotten dormant daemon world and human colonies once belonging to the tau empire from the long forgotten Damocles Crusade.

The main villains are the Tyranids whom most factions have decided to ally against, but as always in the 40k universe, many commanders have their own aggendas. Opportunity awaits for intriguing rewards...

Farsight Enclaves: Battlegroup ZULU 

After a 15 year break from 40k, I got pulled into it again reading the Farsight Enclaves fluff. I love the Art of War approach of O'Shova and his break away faction of rational warrior monks from the Tau Empire. Without further ado, the fluff and army itself is as follows...

HQ - Shas'O Y'he D'verl Aido <Commander O'Aido>

Commander "Slayer of the Great Devourers" Steelrain was but a young Shas'la in the last months of the Damocles Crusade less than a century ago and served in many battles in the same battlegroup led by the great O'Shova or Farsight as many have come to praise, hate and fear him. After Farsight's disappearanc,  O'Aido rose through the ranks to become a commander renowned for following Farsight's Mont'ka to the letter.

 Branded in many battles against the Tyranids and Imperial Guard, O'Aido has earned the title "Slayer of Tyranids" and "Steelrain" for his masterful use of Mont'ka tactics via Crisis Suit teams to execute precise strikes against critical enemy units in great volume. 

Now an old commander, O'Aido has been sent on his last campaign to lead a expeditionary battlegroup of veterans into Imperial space to help the Gue'la combat Hive Fleet Kraken's new tendrils in the area. The mission is ideal, since it gives O'Aido a chance to update his collection of alien battle tactics known as "Art of War" concering the Imperials and the new tendrils of Kraken. Who knows what new planets the Enclaves might add to their ranks after helping the Empire battle this new  threat. The truce between the Enclaves and Sub Sector 78 hold for now...

HQ - Aun'Yen <The Forseen>

Ethereal Aun'Yen the Forseen is a bizzare sight in the Enclaves, who have not seen his kind in many centuries, par from Aun'Shi. Since the Battle for Arthas Moloch and the demise of the Ethereal delegation, the Farsight Enclaves have not had Ethereal guidance for over a century. However, Aun'Shi an old friend of O'Shova has kept in touch and supported the enclaves, at the risk of being branded traitor himself. Now Aun'Shi has grown old and his time is slowly coming to an old warriors end. 

He has trained an apprentice to understand the universe and the way of the Tau much to his own ways - to question the way of the Tau and find justification to the Greater Good. As his last instruction and test of initiation, Aun'Shi commanded Aun'Yen to seek the Enclaves and gain their trust as he had through combat. Ultimately, Aun'Yen's mission is to gain a deeper understanding of the Enclaves and their Ethereal-free form of governance. Maybe one day Aun'Yen will usher a new age throughout the whole Tau Empire, where various forms of the Greater Good are accepted...

Troops - Firewarrior squads <ALPHA> <THETA> <O'MEGA>

The firewarrior squads have been specifically picked for their short experience combating elements of recent Hive Fleet forces. Supported by the new smart missile turret, these troops are ready to form the needed anvil to entice the enemy into the fray, waiting long enough for their older brothers to initiate Mont'ka with a hail of crisis suits. O'Aido has given Aun'Yen orders to lead these young warriors into combat, protect them and learn from them. This will teach the the young Ethereal the importance of taking care of ones subordinates, as well as gives him the chance of earning respect and acceptance.

Troops -  Crisis Suit team "Sun Forge" Configuration

These veterans bear the honorable duty of initiating the Mont'ka upon O'Aidos command. Delivering deadly fusion blasters into the field, these great warriors have exelled in destroying entire squadrons of tanks in various campaigns. Deep striking behind enemy lines means that these warrios are often found wanting for infantry support. To aid in deterring would be infantry assaulters, and clearing up the remaining tank passengers and personnell, O'Aido has ordered these warriors to use flamerthrowers in the Sun Forge configuration.

Fast Attack - Marker Drone squadron designation <001>

O'Aido has learned the value of focusing fire and destroying key elements in logical order. To support this way of war, he employes the use of marker drones to assure quick destruction of the enemy.

Fast Attack - Gun Drone Squadron designation  <002>

Gun drones give a much needed harrasment element to the battlegroup. In large, well coordinated groups these simple drones become furious pulse rain of destruction, cabable of clearing entire imperial guard squadrons and even tearing down rear platings of vehicles.

Heavy Support - Broadside Mon'at "Deathrain" Configuration

Mon'at Shas'Vre Zharro has just received his promotion to wear battle suits. His first task is to understand the important support role of the Broadside by himself, before being accepted into a team of veteran Broadsiders. After understanding this role, he might one day earn the right to wear a Crisis suit...

keskiviikko 12. elokuuta 2015

Star Wars Armada: Naval Battles in Space!

Star Wars Armada

I recently bumped into Star Wars Armada miniature game in my local game store and was instantly blown away at the total awesome factor and idea behind the game - fleets of Victory Star Destroyers crushing the rebels with swarms of tie fighters and bombers? Yes please!

At this point I just have to drop this amazing star wars short anime down here; how many of you remember SW Tie Fighter? If this does not leave you wanting your own imperial fleet then I dont know what will!

Star Wars Armada is a naval battle type game for two players who can command either an Imperial or Rebel starfleet. Each side has roughly 2-5 larger space ships like the Nebulon B Frigate or Star Destroyer, as well as several squadrons of starfighters like the infamous Tie Fighter and X-Wing.

This is what you get from the starter kit

How the game looks and feels

The game breaks down to 6 turns and currently plays at 300 pts. Both sides have up to three different objectives which guide and determine your play style and army build. From a miniature gamer perspective the available models, although ready painted, allow for a good deal of refinement, especially when it comes to the fighter squadrons (which are not painted up). Cant wait to paint up gold, red and yeallow teams with bright colors! Here's a great post about how far you can really go into tuning your fleet....

The Imperial Fleet in all its glory! Copyright DWRR's blog

Rebel fleet ready to strike...  Copyright DWRR's blog

Hopefully I'll find a like minded soul to pick up on this game in the near future. Nothing some heavy initial investment and proper demoing wont help fix though!

Here's an intro trailer into the game to get the idea.

May the Force be with you, gents.

keskiviikko 5. elokuuta 2015

Waterloo 200 year Commemorative Mega Battle @ Helsinki

Hey folks!

I've been quite busy the last few months preparing for our Waterloo megabattle, and here are the pics to prove it!

The 200 year commemorative Battle of Waterloo was fought in our club in Helsinki on the last weekend of July. Compared to our first real Waterloo game in 2013 this was far more massive as we managed to include the Prussians in almost their whole entirety to contest Plancenoit and drive the French Generals to suppress the flank.

Wellington places his troops on the sunken road..

..while Napoleon prepares to assault him with all he's got!

Prussians enter the fray and advance towards Plancenoit

A Prussian infantry brigade holds the right flank

Overview of Bulows IV Corps attacking Plancenoit

The French send a cavalry brigade to stall Prussian movements

With the Landwher moving onwards sluggishly, the Line regiments show how its done!

Since my last update I've managed to create half of Bulow's IV Corps. This includes all 4 regiments of Silesian Landwher (12 battalions) as well as the 1st and 2nd Silesian Line Regiments (6 battalions). Furthermore two cannon batteries and two regiments of Silesian Landwher cavalry were added to round off the forces for Plancenoit! Unfortunately I had to substitute the other half of the corps with stand in troops from my earlier Von Ziethens I Corps, but amends will be made for our next mega battle for sure ;)

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Silesian Landwher Regiments

1st and 2nd Silesian Line Regiments, two cannon batteries and
 1st and 2nd Silesian Landwher cavalry

Thats it for now! We'll be refocusing on the 1812 Russian campaign till next spring after which we'll probably have a go at our first Leipzig 1813.

Stay tuned!

sunnuntai 28. kesäkuuta 2015

Battle of Waterloo 200 Years Anniverary Visit

I recently visited Belgium for the 200 year anniversary of the Battle of  Belle Alliance, or Waterloo to all you non Prussian oriented people out there ;) The trip was fantastic, with over a week at hand we managed to visit the battlefields of Waterloo, Quatre Bras, and Ligny. Furthermore we ventured out to see Bastogne and met a King Tiger tank in La Gleize as well as popped by to the fort of Rocroi and Bouillon. Many thanks to my friends who joined me in this inspirational trip!

Here are some pics from the trip!

A panorama of the cavalry assault on the British lines.

A panoramic view from Butte de Lion.

Unit formations on the day itself, 200 years ago.

A British infantry team on patrol

OOB of the Prussian I Corps under Von Ziethen - truly handy display for wargamers!

The same again for Bulow's IV Corps

A commemorative monument for the 1300+  Prussians who lost their lives attacking Napoleons right flank in Plancenoit.

A similar momunemt in Plancenoit dedicated to the Young Guard who (for a short period of time) "bravely" defended Plancenoit ;)

In honor of the British allied troops in the battle of Quatre Bras

French Old Guard in the fantastic new Waterloo museum!

British light infantry.

Above all else, a cavalry man must look fabulous. The helmet is truly astounding!

A reneactor popped by to have a 3D model made of him. Truly striking uniform!

Even the horse was enjoying his time in the battlefield.

La Haye Saint, still standing!

Panoramic view of the renactment show 19.6.2015 - Over 80 000 visitors and 6000 renactors!

Prussian high command making the finishing touches to the battle ahead.

The last look on the battlefield itself, the Prussians are commiting their forces to help out Wellington.

tiistai 21. huhtikuuta 2015

Prussian I. Army Corps - Belgium June 1815

Von Ziethens I. Army Corps, Belgium June 1815

It has truly been a while since I have published any of my projects in these pages. I've managed to finally finish off the main body of my 1815 Prussian I. Corps under the stout leadership of von Ziethen. Below you can see the OOB for the Waterloo campaign as well as pics of the various regiments and battalions of the army corps. I have yet to acquire and paint 3. and 4. Infantry brigades as well as the Corps Artillery reserves, but I'm pretty happy with this sizeable force as it is.

Please not that whereas most brgades of other European forces consist of 4-6 battalions, Prussian brigades exceed this and should be considered Divisions in all regards. The Prussian "Brigade" consisted of 9 infantry battalions, of which 3 were line, 3 reservists of the parent line regiment and 3 were landwher battalions. On top of this, the "brigade" was supported by various skrimish companies, a foot artillery battery and usually an attached cavalry regiment. This pushes the Prussian "brigade" to a hefty 11+ units each.

The idea behind such large formations was purely tactical. The Prussians wished to have balanced "combined arms" forces, which would be implemented on the brigade level instead of the usual division level. Furthermore, due to the restrictive implementation of the French ruling on Prussian armed forces, the "brigades" had to be trained so as to make the numbers appear small. This meant that while on paper a brigade would only consist of 3 line battalions at all times, the Prussians would train reservists under the tutelage of the parent regiment, thus effectively duplicating numbers! On top of this hastily armed and trained landwher woud futher bolster the numbers, making each brigade on paper three times larger in real life! Cunning Prussians indeed.

I have taken some liberties with recreation of the OOB. Namely, I have replaced the Uhlan regiment with the 1st Dragoons in the 1st Cavalry Brigade and added the 1st Life Hussars into the 1st Infantry Brigade, shifting the 4th Hussars into the 2nd Brigade (sources vary on their operations in this army corps). However I feel this is justified as Army Corps commanders have the liberty of assigning their assets as they see fit. Enjoy!

I. Corps group shot

I. Army Corps - General Lieutenant von Ziethen

1. Infantry Brigade - General Major von Steinmetz

12th Infantry Regiment "Brandenbourg Line" (3 battalions)
24th Infantry Regiment "Brandenbourg Reservists" (3 battalions)
1st Westfalian Landwher Infantry Regiment (3 battalions)
1st Silesian Schutzen (2 companies)
1st "Life" Hussars (3 squadrons)
Foot Artillery Battery

2. Infantry Brigade - General Major von Pirch II

6th Infantry Regiment "West Prussian" (3 battalions)
28th Infantry Regiment "Berg" (3 baattalions)
2nd Westfalian Landwher Infantry Regiment (3 battalions)
4th "Silesian" Hussars (3 squadrons)
Foot Artillery Battery

Reserve Cavalry Corps - General Lieutenant von Roeder

1. Brigade - General Major von Treskow II

1st Dragoon Regiment (4 squadrons)
2nd Dragoon Regiment (4 squadrons)
5th Dragoon Regiment (4 squadrons)

2. Brigade - Colonel Lutzow II
6th Uhlan Regiment (3 squadrons)
1st Kumark Landwher Regiment (3 squadrons)
1st Westfalian Landwher Regiment (3 squadrons)

Army and Army Corps Commanders

Field Marhsal Blucher and his trusty Chief of Staff von Gneisenau (left) General Major von Ziethen and his ADC in Kurassier white uniform and green markings indicating his ADC status (right)

1. Infantry Brigade

12th Infantry Regiment "Brandenbourg Line"
24th infantry Regiment "Brandenbourg Reservists"
1st Westfalian Landwher Regiment

1st "Life" Hussars (according to some sources 3 squadrons were attached to 1st Brigade)
1st Silesian Schutzen Battalion (-) these companies are split into both infantry brigades.
Foot artillery batteries (9 pdr) of 1. and 2. infantry brigades.

2. Infantry Brigade

6th Infantry Regiment "West Prussian" (1st and 2nd Btn in picture only)

28th Infantry Regiment "Berg" (these troops still wear their old white French uniforms due to shortage of clothing!)
2nd Westfalian Landwher Regiment

4th Silesian Hussars (some sources suggest this was either with 1. Inf  or 1. Cav brigade, I have taken the liberty of attaching it to 2. Inf Brigade)

1.Cavalry Brigade

1st, 2nd and 5th Dragoons charging under GM Treskow (Again, this brigade should not have the 1st Dragoons, rather the 3rd Uhlans)

2. Cavalry Brigade

6th Uhlan, 1st Kumark and 1st Westfalian Landwher led by Colonel Lutzow!

This has been a blast to paint! Although the Prussians are not as flashy as many of the other napoleonic forces, I have enjoyed painting Prussian Blue and have the upmost respect for the sheer pragmatism which the Prussians were forced to implement in their uniform distribution and material purchasing. Vorwarts!