Battle of Waterloo

Battle of Waterloo

keskiviikko 12. elokuuta 2015

Star Wars Armada: Naval Battles in Space!

Star Wars Armada

I recently bumped into Star Wars Armada miniature game in my local game store and was instantly blown away at the total awesome factor and idea behind the game - fleets of Victory Star Destroyers crushing the rebels with swarms of tie fighters and bombers? Yes please!

At this point I just have to drop this amazing star wars short anime down here; how many of you remember SW Tie Fighter? If this does not leave you wanting your own imperial fleet then I dont know what will!

Star Wars Armada is a naval battle type game for two players who can command either an Imperial or Rebel starfleet. Each side has roughly 2-5 larger space ships like the Nebulon B Frigate or Star Destroyer, as well as several squadrons of starfighters like the infamous Tie Fighter and X-Wing.

This is what you get from the starter kit

How the game looks and feels

The game breaks down to 6 turns and currently plays at 300 pts. Both sides have up to three different objectives which guide and determine your play style and army build. From a miniature gamer perspective the available models, although ready painted, allow for a good deal of refinement, especially when it comes to the fighter squadrons (which are not painted up). Cant wait to paint up gold, red and yeallow teams with bright colors! Here's a great post about how far you can really go into tuning your fleet....

The Imperial Fleet in all its glory! Copyright DWRR's blog

Rebel fleet ready to strike...  Copyright DWRR's blog

Hopefully I'll find a like minded soul to pick up on this game in the near future. Nothing some heavy initial investment and proper demoing wont help fix though!

Here's an intro trailer into the game to get the idea.

May the Force be with you, gents.

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